Chinese Luxury EV Brand Zeekr Prepares For Australian Debut

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Chinese Luxury EV Brand Zeekr Prepares For Australian Debut
Chinese Luxury EV Brand Zeekr Prepares For Australian Debut

Zeekr, the premium electric vehicle (EV) brand under the Geely umbrella, is gearing up for its Australian launch, with plans to introduce its luxury electric vehicles to the market in the second half of 2024. The brand has commenced pre-orders for right-hand drive models in other markets, signaling its global expansion efforts, while also making strategic appointments for key roles in Australia.

In Thailand, right-hand drive versions of Zeekr’s X crossover and 009 People Mover are now available for pre-order, with sales scheduled to commence later this year. As Zeekr positions itself as a premium electric vehicle brand, it has appointed Andrew Haurissa as the head of marketing in Australia.

A Zeekr 001 (Credits Zeekr)
A Zeekr 001 (Credits: Zeekr)

Haurissa brings valuable experience from his previous role as the marketing director at Chery Australia, where he played a pivotal role in re-establishing the brand in the Australian market. Matt McCroarey has been appointed as the head of after-sales, bringing expertise from his previous roles at Polestar and Jaguar Land Rover.

While Zeekr’s distribution strategy in Australia remains undisclosed, the brand has confirmed that the 009 people mover will be offered in the market. The X crossover also appears to be a strong contender for the Australian market, as indicated by Zeekr’s activity on its Australian LinkedIn account. However, it remains uncertain if other Zeekr models, such as the Mix People Mover, 001 fastback, and 007 sedan, will be available in right-hand drive.

The Zeekr 009, hailed as the world’s first pure luxury electric MPV, boasts impressive specifications. It is equipped with either a 116kWh or 140kWh battery, providing claimed range figures of up to 822km. With a dual-motor all-wheel-drive system generating 400kW of power and 686Nm of torque, the 009 achieves a remarkable 0-100km/h sprint time of just 4.5 seconds.

A Zeekr X (Credits Zeekr)
A Zeekr X (Credits: Zeekr)

Its luxurious interior features six seats in a 2+2+2 configuration, along with advanced technology and premium materials. On the other hand, the Zeekr X, built on the same architecture as the Volvo EX30, offers a smaller footprint but impressive performance. With options for rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive configurations, the X delivers a blend of power and efficiency, complemented by advanced infotainment and driver assistance features.

Despite being a relatively new player in the automotive market, Zeekr has ambitious plans for global expansion. With its rapid growth trajectory and commitment to innovation, the brand aims to establish a presence across various international markets in the coming years.


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