January 23, 2021

Mercedes Benz EQA: When Will it Enter Production?

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Mercedes Benz EQA

The all-new Mercedes Benz EQA is the electric car that matches the greatness of the fuel engine with luxury features. It is the first vehicle presented by Mercedes that will have a wide range of models which expands to 10 new models until the year 2022. The Benz EQA has a unique design with a modern touch as in front it has blue LEDs all around. Being an electric car it doesn’t have any power limitation. It reflects the classic shape and equipment of every Mercedes vehicle. The batteries are present in front of the car that maintains the downforce and helps in overall balancing.

Batteries powers two electric motors and gives the output up to 200 kW. It has a speed range of 400 kilometers which is achieved by a combination of the intelligent Mercedes-Benz operating strategy. It is an all-wheel-drive car with high driving dynamics. It maintains the driving experience of being an electric sports car. It can achieve a speed of 0-100 kilometers per hour in only 5 seconds.

Fast and convenient charging technology is being used that can charge the vehicle in the minimum time period and provides maximum mileage. The rapid charge system can charge the battery quickly enough that in 10 minutes it can provide a range of 100km. There are three variants of this vehicle namely Progressive, Premium, and Advanced version. The main difference in these is the little features that make a car easy to drive and makes it more luxurious.

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The exterior of the car is modern and has an updated look. The front grill has an aggressive look and instead of a chrome grill with a simple design, it has a led display that can be customized with any color. Headlights are LED light that is bright and have a sporty shape to it. Backlights are also innovative with the latest technology. It has laser fibers which animations that visualize electrical waves. The alloy wheels are high profile with stylish rims. It gives the necessary height that allows the car to be limitless. It can handle any road with bumps and also the downforce is maintained. The trunk of the car is big enough to keep 19 cubic feet of cargo inside.

The interior of the Mercedes Benz EQA is modern and classy and has a black and grey color scheme. Carbon fiber is used in some places like the dashboard and center console. There are two digital screens that display all the essential and luxury tech features which help the user to interact with the vehicle. The infotainment screen has navigation, climate control, parking cameras option and it can be connected to both android auto and apple car play.

The driving experience is the thing the EQA is going to be special. All the features will be super responsive and give a luxury experience with the latest tech pieces. This will allow the car to communicate with the user. The wheels provide grip to the car which makes the driving smooth. Overall, the vehicle is stable and the downforce is enough to keep the car in control in any situation.

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