Rovanpera Dominates WRC Safari Rally with Commanding Lead

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Rovanpera: Commanding WRC Safari lead “not even close to being enough”

The reigning world champion showcased an exceptional performance, dominating all six stages on Friday to establish an imposing lead of 56.9 seconds over his Toyota teammate, Elfyn Evans.

Rovanpera’s standout drive came notably in stage four, where he outpaced his closest competitor, Ott Tanak of Hyundai, by a remarkable 11.1 seconds. However, Tanak’s challenge was short-lived as he retired from the day’s events two stages later. Despite staying within 18.6 seconds of Rovanpera initially, Tanak’s crash on stage six dashed his hopes.

Acknowledging his lead, Rovanpera emphasized the demanding nature of the Safari Rally, stressing the potential for rapid shifts in fortunes, especially with the looming threat of rain showers.

Rovanpera Dominates WRC Safari Rally with Commanding Lead
Rovanpera Dominates WRC Safari Rally with Commanding Lead (Credits: Motorsport)

“It hasn’t been easy, but it’s been a satisfying day,” remarked Rovanpera, who is embarking on his second WRC campaign. “Our strategy was to utilize our starting position effectively, pushing when conditions permitted while maintaining a margin to navigate the rough patches in the afternoon. I’m pleased with our performance.”

However, Rovanpera remained cautious about the lead, recognizing the vulnerability to unforeseen challenges. “The lead we have isn’t sufficient, not by a long shot. If adverse weather hits tomorrow, as it often does, the gaps can widen significantly. Any minor issues can lead to substantial gaps among rivals. We must maintain our focus and approach the remaining stages with the same intensity.”

Describing the treacherous conditions when rain arrives, Rovanpera highlighted the transformation of the terrain into slippery mud, likening it to driving on ice, making control immensely challenging.

Aside from Rovanpera’s stellar performance, Toyota enjoyed a fruitful Friday, occupying the top three positions with Evans in second and Takamoto Katsuta in third. Nevertheless, Hyundai’s Thierry Neuville trailed Evans by a mere 10.4 seconds, setting the stage for an intense battle on Saturday.

“We’re delighted with the reliability of our cars and the composure of our drivers. Securing a 1-2-3 finish is exceptional,” remarked Toyota team principal, Jari-Matti Latvala. “However, Thierry’s proximity means we can’t afford to ease off. While Kalle holds a significant lead, Elfyn and Taka need to maintain their pace. Patience will be crucial tomorrow, particularly if adverse weather conditions materialize.”

As anticipation builds for the challenges ahead, the Safari Rally promises gripping action and unpredictable twists in the days to come.


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