Toyota 4Runner Teaser: Next Generation SUV

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Toyota 4Runner Teaser Next Generation SUV
Toyota 4Runner Teaser Next Generation SUV

The debut of the Toyota 4Runner is drawing closer, slated for this spring. As anticipation mounts, Toyota has offered a peek at what’s to come by showcasing the rear end of the model on social media.

In a recent post, Toyota revealed a photo gallery featuring the evolution of the 4Runner across five generations, subtly teasing its impending arrival. The focal point of the imagery is a close-up shot of the rear, prominently displaying the “4Runner” badging situated just above the rear bumper. While the full extent of the model’s features remains shrouded, the teasers signal that the revealing is imminent.

Toyota 4Runner Teaser Next Generation SUV
Toyota 4Runner Teaser Next Generation SUV (Credit: Toyota)

The showcased blue 4Runner may not reveal much, but it reaffirms the model’s signature angular design, consistent with its lineage. Details captured in the photo, including a silver bumper, a trailer hitch, a segment of a taillight, and parking sensors, hint at the model’s rugged yet functional characteristics. The unchanged font of the “4Runner” badge further underscores its iconic status.

Speculation suggests that the new 4Runner may inherit the engine lineup from the latest Tacoma mid-size pickup, potentially including a range of turbocharged four-cylinder engines and the i-Force Max variant for enhanced performance.

Recent sightings of camouflaged prototypes in Arizona hint at proportions reminiscent of the outgoing generation, albeit with potential design cues borrowed from the Land Cruiser. With the new generation set to debut in the coming weeks as a 2025 model, details regarding pricing and specifications are eagerly anticipated.

Given Toyota’s track record of delivering rugged and reliable off-road vehicles, coupled with the enduring popularity of the 4Runner, enthusiasts are hopeful for the inclusion of beloved features such as the iconic roll-down rear window.


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