Mercedes VISION EQXX Successfully Finishes 627-Mile Electric Trip from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, to Dubai, UAE

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Mercedes VISION EQXX Completes 627-miles Electric Journey From Riyadh In Saudi Arabia To Dubai In UAE

The Mercedes VISION EQXX has achieved a remarkable feat, completing a grueling 1,010 km (627.6 miles) electric journey from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, all on a single battery charge.

This latest accomplishment marks the third consecutive long-distance road trip exceeding 1,000 kilometers on a single charge for the pioneering Mercedes-Benz all-electric test vehicle. Previously, it undertook similar journeys from Sindelfingen, Germany, to Cassis, France, and from Stuttgart, Germany, to Silverstone, UK.

Embarking from the Mercedes-Benz Center in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, the VISION EQXX spent a total driving time of 14 hours and 42 minutes en route to the Mercedes-Benz Brand Center in Dubai, UAE.

Despite encountering heavy traffic and enduring lengthy highway stretches across the expansive desert terrain, the VISION EQXX displayed outstanding performance, still boasting an impressive 309 kilometers (192 miles) of remaining range upon reaching Dubai.

Mercedes VISION EQXX (Credits: Inside Evs)

Mercedes reports that the test vehicle achieved an electric power consumption rate of 7.4 kWh/100km (8.4 mi/kWh), equivalent to approximately 0.9 l/100 km or 282 MPGe for a petrol-fueled vehicle.

Markus Schäfer, Member of the Board of Management at Mercedes-Benz Group AG and Chief Technology Officer, commented on the achievement, stating, “On a challenging route profile encompassing busy city streets and open desert, the pioneering test vehicle delivered electric power consumption of 7.4 kWh/100km (8.4 mi/kWh). With an exceptional consumption of just 7.4 kWh/100 km, the VISION EQXX continues to provide valuable data for ongoing development of advanced electric efficiency technologies.”

He further emphasized the vehicle’s reliability in desert conditions, highlighting its ability to overcome challenges such as varying road surfaces, temperature extremes, and dust, underscoring the readiness of electric drive for global markets.

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