Russell Anticipates Mercedes to Offer Equal Treatment to New F1 Teammate

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Russell expects Mercedes to give new F1 team-mate equal treatment

Mercedes has maintained a consistent stance of refraining from publicly endorsing a specific lead driver throughout the tenure of Nico Rosberg, Valtteri Bottas, and now George Russell alongside Lewis Hamilton since 2013.

Despite the impending departure of the seven-time champion to Ferrari at the end of the season, Russell, a long-standing driver for Mercedes, remains contracted until 2025.

Yet, irrespective of Mercedes’ potential endeavors to attract Max Verstappen from Red Bull, secure the signatures of either Fernando Alonso or Carlos Sainz, both formerly of Ferrari or consider promoting their Formula 2 protege Andrea Kimi Antonelli, Russell believes that the team will uphold its policy of equitable treatment.

When asked if his dynamics within the team have shifted since learning about Hamilton’s forthcoming exit, Russell responded: “Since learning about Lewis’ decision, he has maintained an exceptionally professional demeanor with the team. The collaborative environment within Mercedes remains unchanged.

Russell Anticipates Mercedes to Offer Equal Treatment to New F1 Teammate
Russell Anticipates Mercedes to Offer Equal Treatment to New F1 Teammate (Credits: Motorsport)

“The team has consistently provided both of us with equal opportunities. This principle has been ingrained from the beginning. Whenever upgrades are introduced to the car, they are distributed to both drivers simultaneously, a practice distinct to Mercedes.”

While Russell’s potential to take on a leadership role within the team has been widely discussed, he expressed confidence that this parity would persist, “regardless of the identity of my future teammate.”

He added: “The team’s objective is to afford both drivers the best chance of achieving optimal results. Looking ahead to next year, regardless of who my teammate may be, this ethos will endure.”

Wolff has publicly expressed his admiration for Verstappen, labeling him as his ‘top choice’ for 2025. However, Verstappen’s future with Red Bull beyond his current contract, which expires in 2028, is uncertain due to the turmoil surrounding team management, including Christian Horner and Helmut Marko.

In response to whether Verstappen could seamlessly integrate into Mercedes and enhance the performance of its W15 car, which has displayed inconsistency thus far, Wolff told Fox Sports Australia: “No. Verstappen is undoubtedly exceptional, but we wouldn’t provide him with a straightforward car. Our approach would involve presenting a car that’s challenging to handle and set up.

“I would prefer to take that leap and assert that this is a car he could drive because it’s also delivering strong performances.”

Mercedes anticipates finalizing its driver lineup around the summer months.



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