Challenges Faced by Mitsubishi Colt and ASX Compared to Renault Rebranded Models

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Mitsubishi is currently relying on two Renault models under its brand, the ASX and Colt, to bridge the gap until new proprietary models are introduced. The ASX, essentially a Mitsubishi-branded Renault Captur, and the Colt, a transformed Renault Clio, have contributed to Mitsubishi’s registration figures, albeit not matching the numbers of their Renault counterparts.

In March 2024 and Q1 2024, the ASX registered 120 and 300 units respectively, while the Colt recorded 108 units in March, and figures for Q1 weren’t available. Comparatively, the Renault Captur and Clio outperformed their Mitsubishi equivalents, with the Captur registering 289 units in March and 815 in Q1, while the Clio recorded 462 in March and 1,345 in Q1.

Mitsubishi Colt
Mitsubishi Colt (Credits: Car Expert)

The ASX showed a better performance compared to the Colt, surpassing it not only in absolute numbers but also in comparison with the Renault Captur. The ASX achieved over 40% of Captur’s registrations in March and about 37% in Q1, indicating a significant improvement from the previous year.

However, the Colt is still struggling to gain traction, lagging behind both the ASX and the Renault Clio. Despite potentially offering a more financially attractive option, it has only about a quarter of the registrations compared to the Clio. While the Colt may have features like a cheaper power source and equipment on paper, it hasn’t been drawing significant interest from customers in practice.


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