Polestar’s Sequential Model Names: Innovation Beyond Tradition

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Polestar's Sequential Model Names Innovation Beyond Tradition
Polestar's Sequential Model Names Innovation Beyond Tradition

Polestar adopts a unique approach to naming its vehicles, departing from the conventional model-specific naming strategy employed by other automakers. Instead, the company opts for a chronological naming convention, signifying the order of release.

This distinction becomes evident with the announcement from Polestar’s CEO, Thomas Ingenlath, regarding the successor to the Polestar 2. Scheduled for launch in 2027 after the Polestar 6 supercar, the upcoming model will be dubbed the Polestar 7.

Traditionally, car models were often named based on engine capacity, particularly in Europe’s early automotive era. However, as engines became shared across various models, manufacturers transitioned to using alphanumeric model names. Examples include the BMW 5 Series succeeding the BMW 2000 of the New Class Sedan and the Audi A4 succeeding the Audi 80.

Polestar's Sequential Model Names Innovation Beyond Tradition
Polestar’s Sequential Model Names Innovation Beyond Tradition (Credit: Polestar)

Ingenlath emphasizes that Polestar’s approach challenges the limitations associated with successive generations of the same model. By introducing distinct numerical designations, Polestar avoids being confined to past iterations’ concepts.

Ingenlath draws a comparison to the Volkswagen Golf, which underwent minimal changes over eight generations, highlighting the potential constraints of prolonged model continuity. As Polestar prepares for the Polestar 7’s arrival, details remain scarce.

However, it’s expected to inherit the Polestar 2’s position in the lineup, albeit with significant departures from its predecessor’s formula. Notably, following Volvo’s withdrawal of support, the Polestar 7 is anticipated to transition from the Compact Modular Architecture (CMA) to the Geely group’s EV-dedicated platform, likely the Sustainable Experience Architecture (SEA), aligning with the Polestar 4.


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