Xiaomi’s EV Game: SU7 Sedan Launches, Eyes Electric Crossover Market

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Xiaomi's EV Game
Xiaomi's EV Game

While some tech giants, such as Apple, have abandoned their automotive aspirations, others have boldly entered the fray. Xiaomi, renowned for its smartphones, is venturing into the electric vehicle market with its debut offering, the Xiaomi SU7. This battery-electric sedan is poised to rival esteemed competitors like the Porsche Taycan and Tesla Model S.

Priced competitively, starting at just under $30,000 locally, the Xiaomi SU7 has already garnered substantial attention, amassing an impressive 50,000 orders within half an hour of its launch. This success has emboldened Xiaomi to diversify its portfolio, with plans underway for the development of crossover and SUV models.

Xiaomi's EV Game
Xiaomi’s EV Game (Credit: Xiaomi)

While the exact design of these upcoming vehicles remains shrouded in mystery, digital renderings offer a tantalizing look into their potential aesthetic. Notably, these renderings, crafted by talented artists like sugardesign_1 on Instagram, envision a sleek and dynamic design language for Xiaomi’s future offerings.

Despite being a newcomer in the automotive world, Xiaomi is poised to make a significant impact, capitalizing on the burgeoning demand for electric vehicles and leveraging its reputation for innovation in the technology sector.


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