Dodge Demon 170: Auction Frustration and Performance Potential

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Dodge Demon 170
Dodge Demon 170

The recurring sight of a Demon 170 failing to sell at auction has become somewhat farcical. It seems almost daily that the reserve isn’t met on these vehicles, putting many dealerships in an uncomfortable position.

One can’t help but wonder who is still willing to pay over $200k for these cars today. Unless you’re part of the elite 1% and money is no object, waiting for flippers to panic and accept bids in the $150,000 range might seem more sensible.

Dodge Demon 170
Dodge Demon 170 (Credit: Dodge)

Even at $150k, selling the Demon 170 yields a profit over MSRP for most, except perhaps those who overspent initially. This particular Octane Red Demon 170, numbered 1,937 out of approximately 3,300, boasts a compelling specification despite personal reservations about its exterior color.

Equipped with a range of features, including a satin black Air-Grabber hood, sunroof, decklid graphics, and Brembo brakes, it’s a formidable machine. Inside, the Demon offers luxurious touches such as a heated Alcantara-wrapped steering wheel, Alcantara and Laguna leather seats, carbon fiber trim, and advanced safety features.

Performance-wise, its 6.2-liter HEMI HO V8 engine delivers a staggering 900 horsepower, ensuring exhilarating rides on both the road and track. This particular Demon, with a mere 11 miles on the odometer and never sold to a private owner, failed to meet its reserve at auction, despite a highest bid of $164,000 against an original MSRP of $133,431.

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