Xiaomi SU7: Revolutionizing Car Production with Advanced Automation

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Xiaomi SU7
Xiaomi SU7

Xiaomi’s venture into the automotive industry made headlines with the revealing of its first car, the SU7, on March 28. Located at the Xiaomi Super Factory in Beijing, China, production of the sedan has already commenced.

With an impressive production rate of 40 cars per hour, a new Xiaomi SU7 rolls off the assembly line every 76 seconds, thanks to the highly automated production line and advanced smart techniques in place.

Xiaomi SU7
Xiaomi SU7 (Credit: Xiaomi)

Over 700 robots operate within the factory, handling various tasks such as installation, inspection, and transportation. In the body shop, 381 robots assist twenty employees, ensuring swift and precise assembly.

The paint shop utilizes a smart system capable of quickly switching between colors, reducing order delivery time by 25 percent. Despite initial success, Xiaomi faced challenges when videos of test car accidents surfaced on social media, prompting the company to address safety concerns before delivering the SU7 to customers.


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