2024 Buick Envision ST: Pricing and Features Overview

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2024 Buick Envision ST
2024 Buick Envision ST

Situated between the base Envision Preferred and the luxurious Envision Avenir in the lineup is the 2024 Buick Envision ST, priced at $39,795, and the US automaker has just revealed more images of it.

Buick’s ongoing model revamp, which has already included the entry-level Envista starting at $22,400 and the Encore GX at $25,600, saw the announcement last year of the refreshed 2024 Buick Envision in June.

While the exterior changes are subtle, the interior undergoes a significant transformation with the introduction of a massive, “segment-leading 30-inch-diagonal, ultra-wide display that stretches from the center console to the gauge cluster and offers customizable freeform screens under one sheet of glass.”

2024 Buick Envision ST
2024 Buick Envision ST (Credit: Buick)

While pricing details for the fourth-generation 2025 Chevrolet Equinox are not yet available, we can compare the 2024 Envision with the current model and the GMC Terrain. The 2023 Envision starts from $34,795 for Preferred, $38,895 for Essence, and $47,055 for Avenir, but it lacks the refreshed features and is only available with front-wheel drive.

Therefore, the 2024 Envision presents a compelling option, especially in the ST and Avenir trims, where the pricing difference is minimal.

On the other hand, the GMC Terrain offers a more rugged alternative at a lower price point, starting at $31,695 for the SLE AWD and topping out at $39,995 for the Denali AWD. For those willing to forgo the massive 30-inch digital screen offered by Buick, selecting the more rugged GMC Terrain AT4 ($36,890) could be a viable alternative.


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