Dodge’s Farewell: Challenger SRT Demon Legacy

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Dodge's Farewell
Dodge's Farewell

Unfortunately, Dodge has ceased production of the L-bodied Charger sedan and Challenger coupe, signaling the end of an era for these beloved models. However, enthusiasts still have the opportunity to acquire the remaining inventory of these vehicles, though limited-edition variants like the ‘Last Call’ editions may be scarce.

For those seeking collectible models, options may be found in the used car market, albeit with rarity. Notably, the 2023 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon 170, boasting an impressive 1,025 horsepower on E85, stands out as a coveted choice among Mopar enthusiasts.

Dodge's Farewell
Dodge’s Farewell (Credit: Demonology / YouTube)

One such Demon 170 owner, Herman Young, has garnered attention through his YouTube channel, Demonology, dedicated to Mopar fans. Young’s blue Demon 170 has become a fixture at the racetrack, showcasing its exceptional performance capabilities. In a recent video, Young engages in races against two modded Ford Mustangs, demonstrating the Demon 170’s dominance on the track.

Despite the initial skepticism of his opponents, both Mustangs fall short against the formidable Demon 170, highlighting its unmatched power and performance. As enthusiasts bid farewell to these iconic Dodge models, they continue to celebrate their legacy on and off the track.

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