Opel Reveals New Frontera SUV: Modern Design and Advanced Features

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Opel Showcases The Upcoming Frontera EV For The First Time

Opel has revealed the initial images of its forthcoming Frontera model, which will offer both hybrid and full-battery electric variants. Despite the anticipation since January for the revival of the Frontera name, the design departure from its predecessors may disappoint some fans. Nevertheless, Opel emphasizes the new Frontera’s blend of rugged design, spaciousness, and efficient drivetrains, although specifics on the latter have yet to be disclosed, leaving room for future updates.

The new Frontera presents a marriage of functionality and modern aesthetics, featuring Opel’s new ‘Blitz’ emblem prominently displayed at the front within the Opel Vizor, which serves to give the vehicle a distinctive identity. The integration of Eco LED headlamps with automatic high beam adds to its contemporary appeal. Further details on the vehicle’s design and features are expected to be revealed in the coming months.

Inside, the Frontera boasts a technologically advanced cabin with dual 10-inch displays and a redesigned steering wheel aimed at providing a streamlined, user-friendly experience. An optional smartphone station allows seamless integration with the car’s infotainment system via a dedicated app, enabling control through the phone and even interaction with steering wheel buttons.

Frontera SUV
Frontera SUV (Credits: Media Stellantis)

Enhancing comfort, the front seats feature Opel’s patented Intelli-Seat technology, designed to alleviate pressure on the tailbone during long journeys. The seats are upholstered with contrast stitching and offer sustainable fabric options, contributing to a more eco-friendly interior.

Convenience features abound, including a cooled wireless charger, multiple USB ports, and a flexible tablet storage solution in the center console. Rear passengers benefit from integrated smartphone pockets in the backrests for added convenience.

For practicality, the Frontera offers ample luggage space of 460 liters with the seats up, expandable to 1,600 liters when folded. Additionally, the roof is capable of supporting loads of up to 200 kg when necessary, catering to varying cargo needs. With these features, Opel aims to deliver a versatile and sophisticated SUV experience with the new Frontera model.


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