BMW M5 2025 Update: Redefining High-Performance Sedans with CGI Renderings

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BMW M5 2025 Update
BMW M5 2025 Update

Exciting news for enthusiasts as BMW announces the introduction of a 700+ horsepower station wagon in the United States. This revelation reignites discussions surrounding the G90 series.

Last year, BMW introduced the eighth-generation G80 and G61 BMW 5 Series, sharing the rear-wheel drive Cluster Architecture (CLAR) platform with the G70 BMW 7 Series but without some of its controversial design elements.

However, not everyone was satisfied with the new business sedan’s styling, prompting concerns that similar issues might affect the upcoming M5 flagship. To mitigate potential disappointment, digital car content creators like Avante have offered their own imaginative interpretations of the upcoming model.

BMW M5 2025 Update
BMW M5 2025 Update (Credit: BMW)

The recent confirmation of the arrival of the G90/91 BMW M5 sedan and Touring in America has reignited global interest in the high-performance business model. Avante’s CGI depiction closely resembles the F90 from the front and the G60 from the rear, accentuated by ritzy body shades like burgundy and liquid silver.

Regarding technical specifications, rumors suggest the next iteration will feature the powertrain from the BMW XM, albeit with varying outputs ranging from 700 to 750 horsepower. However, concerns linger about its handling capabilities due to its reported weight of 5,368 pounds (2,435 kilograms). Given these renderings, would you prefer the next BMW M5 to adopt this design direction?

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