Classic GTO Recall: Vintage Revival and Safety Alert

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Classic GTO Recall
Classic GTO Recall

Pontiac’s 1968 GTO lineup witnessed pivotal changes, catapulting sales and cementing its status as a classic. Introducing hidden headlights and a polyurethane front bumper, Pontiac revamped the GTO’s design, shedding the two-door post coupe variant and offering a potent 400 V8 engine as standard, with a two-barrel carburetor option.

Classic GTO Recall
Classic GTO Recall (Credit: eBay seller sley2078)

These updates fueled a surge in sales, with 87,684 GTOs shipped in 1968, predominantly comprising hardtop models. Amidst enthusiasts’ anticipation, an eBay listing emerged, showcasing a vintage GTO, complete with VIN confirmation and mechanical details.

While caution is advised, potential buyers can explore the car’s condition, with attention to rust and interior restoration needs. Despite its project status, the GTO retains its allure, awaiting restoration and a new owner to reignite its legacy.


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