Chevy’s Legacy: Camaro Farewell, Classic Caprice Revived

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Chevy's Legacy
Chevy's Legacy

Chevrolet’s current lineup emphasizes crossovers, SUVs, and trucks, but the brand remains committed to producing low-slung models such as the Malibu sedan and the iconic Corvette. Although the Camaro is listed on the website under the Performance category, production ceased at the end of December, although new units are still available at dealerships.

Chevrolet’s history includes a range of low-slung models, including the Caprice, which was discontinued after the 2017 model year. Enthusiasts appreciate the heritage of models like the Caprice, with its V8 engines and unique styling.

Chevy's Legacy
Chevy’s Legacy (Credit: Chevy)

A notable example is a 1987 Caprice Landau Coupe featured in recent social media posts. Customized with vibrant green and rose gold accents, this flashy yet elegant vehicle showcases the potential for bold makeovers.

Despite its appeal, this Caprice is not without flaws, including a non-functional engine and minor cosmetic issues. However, with its originality and potential for restoration, it presents an exciting opportunity for enthusiasts.


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