Classic Impala: Original ’60 Model Hits Market

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Original '60 Model Hits Market
Original '60 Model Hits Market

Launched in 1958 as a Bel Air variant, the Impala transitioned to its own series in 1959 and continued its success into the 1960 model year. With various body styles and engine options, the Impala became the best-selling model in the United States in 1960, reaching approximately 512,000 units sold.

Available in configurations such as sport sedan, sports coupe, four-door sedan, and convertible, the 1960 Impala showcased updated styling and retained its diverse engine lineup. This particular hardtop variant remains largely original, featuring its original 283 engine and factory paint.

Original '60 Model Hits Market
Original ’60 Model Hits Market (Credit: eBay seller spencertran)

Despite its age, the Impala’s condition is remarkably preserved, with minimal rust and a solid interior. With its California black plates and single-family ownership, it presents a rare find for collectors.

Although the engine hasn’t been started in 20 years, it shows promising signs of functionality. However, prospective buyers are encouraged to conduct a thorough inspection before making a decision. Priced at $32,000, the Impala offers a rewarding restoration project for enthusiasts.


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