Kia Reveals Tasman Pickup: A Tribute To Adventure And Exploration

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Kia Reveals Tasman Pickup A Tribute To Adventure And Exploration
Kia Reveals Tasman Pickup A Tribute To Adventure And Exploration

Kia has revealed the name of its eagerly anticipated pickup truck: the Kia Tasman. Drawing inspiration from the rugged allure and adventurous spirit of Tasmania, the island nestled at the southernmost edge of Australia, the name embodies a sense of exploration and adventure.

The Kia Tasman marks the brand’s bold foray into the global C-segment pickup truck market. Far from being merely a utilitarian workhorse, the Tasman redefines the notion of a lifestyle pickup, offering versatility to complement a dynamic and diverse lifestyle, catering to a wide range of personal and adventurous pursuits.

Scheduled for a debut in 2025, Kia plans a phased global launch strategy, targeting markets such as Korea, Australia, Africa, and the Middle East. This strategic approach aims to address the specific needs and preferences of each region, recognizing Australia’s robust pickup truck market, Korea’s burgeoning interest in outdoor activities, and the demand for off-road vehicles in the diverse terrains of Africa and the Middle East, including the desert environment.

The Name Reveal Of Kia's New Upcoming Pick Up Truck (Credits Kia Global Media Center)
The Name Reveal Of Kia’s New Upcoming Pick-Up Truck (Credits: Kia Global Media Center)

With its blend of versatility and capability, the Kia Tasman is poised to become a popular choice in the Australian market and beyond, reinforcing Kia’s position as a leader in the development of multifaceted outdoor vehicles. The name Tasman was chosen after careful consideration from a selection of names sourced from Kia’s global markets.

Initially proposed by Kia Australia, it was ultimately selected for its association with Tasmania, known as the ‘island of inspiration’, and the Tasman Sea. Reflecting the island’s diverse wilderness and cultural richness, the name expresses a spirit of adventure, mirroring the rugged nature and capabilities of Kia’s upcoming pickup truck.

To showcase this connection, Kia has released an attractive video featuring a blacksmith drawing inspiration from Tasmania’s breathtaking terrain to craft the emblem of the Kia Tasman. Kia’s entry into the Australian Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) market was first announced in March of this year.

Furthermore, it was accompanied by a TV commercial featuring 20 of Australia’s most iconic sporting figures deliberating over the name for the Kia pickup truck. Interested individuals can express their interest through the Kia Australia website to stay informed leading up to the vehicle’s launch.


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