1964 Automotive Milestones: Mustang, GTO, and LeMans Evolution

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1964 Automotive Milestones
1964 Automotive Milestones

1964 holds significant memories in Detroit, marked by notable achievements from all three major automakers. Chrysler introduced the second generation of its iconic hemispherical-head V8, known as the race HEMI.

Meanwhile, it also ventured into a new auto segment with the Barracuda. Ford made its mark with the Mustang, often referred to as the ‘pony car,’ despite Mopar’s initial claim with the Barracuda. Over at GM, a team including John Zachary DeLorean, Russ Gee, and Bill Collins transformed a Pontiac LeMans into the legendary GTO, defining the ‘muscle car’ era.

The GTO’s success overshadowed its parent model, the LeMans, although both enjoyed strong sales. Despite its smaller V8 engine compared to the GTO, the LeMans offered respectable performance, appealing to over 112,000 buyers in 1964.

1964 Automotive Milestones
1964 Automotive Milestones (Credit: barnfinds.com)

This particular 1964 Pontiac LeMans convertible, now seeking a new owner, retains its original specifications. Powered by a 326-cubic-inch V8 engine, it offers a nostalgic driving experience. While it requires some cosmetic restoration, its mechanical integrity remains intact.

Potential buyers should consider the condition of the convertible top, as it may require replacement. Despite its imperfections, this LeMans represents a piece of automotive history, ready to be enjoyed by its next owner.

Considering the current bid of $9,500, determining a fair price requires careful assessment of the car’s condition and restoration needs. Whether to drive as is, refresh, or restore the LeMans depends on the buyer’s preferences and budget.

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