Geely’s Panda Mini EV Go Kart Edition: A Sporty Urban Commuter

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Geely's Panda Mini EV Go Kart Edition
Geely's Panda Mini EV Go Kart Edition

Geely has revealed its latest addition to the Panda Mini EV lineup: the Go Kart Edition, designed to appeal to young consumers in China with its sporty aesthetics and playful features.

Inspired by go-karts, the Go Kart Edition maintains the compact dimensions and electric drivetrain of the standard Panda Mini EV while introducing bold styling elements. Sporting a roof-mounted wing, redesigned front bumper, and distinctive 14-inch wheels with purple-and-white rims, this edition exudes a sporty and dynamic vibe.

Geely's Panda Mini EV Go Kart Edition
Geely’s Panda Mini EV Go Kart Edition (Credit: Geely)

Despite its aggressive appearance, the Go Kart Edition retains the standard model’s performance, powered by the same electric motor producing 40 hp and 110 Nm of torque. With a range of up to 200 km on a single charge, it remains a practical choice for urban commuting.

Inside, the Go Kart Edition boasts a stylish interior with salmon-colored plastics and white seat patches, creating a youthful and vibrant atmosphere. Equipped with modern features like an 8-inch central control screen and a 9.2-inch digital instrument cluster, it offers convenience and entertainment for daily driving.

Available in racing black, adventure white, and furious grey exterior colors, the Go Kart Edition promises to turn heads on the streets of China. While pricing and availability details have not been disclosed, Geely’s tradition of offering affordable and customizable electric vehicles to its customers is expected to continue.

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