Grand Cherokee Dominates Jeep Sales: Outpacing Wrangler in 2024

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Ram 3500
Ram 3500 Black (Credits: Ram)

Jeep makes cars that people love. The Wrangler is one of their famous cars, but recently, another Jeep called the Grand Cherokee has been selling more.

The Wrangler is still selling well, with over 38,000 sold in 2024. But the Grand Cherokee is doing even better, selling a whopping 54,455 cars at the same time! One reason for this is that more people are buying the 4xE plug-in hybrid version of the Grand Cherokee.

Ram 2500 Interior
(Credits: Ram)

The Grand Cherokee is a big car that families like because it’s good for everyday use and can handle rough roads too. It’s been around since 1993 and has become better and better over the years.

In 2021, Jeep introduced a new version of the Grand Cherokee called the WL series, which has more cool features.

Apart from the regular Grand Cherokee models, there’s also a hybrid version called the 4xE. It costs around $60,490 and has a lot of power, plus it can run on electricity for a short distance.

If you’re thinking of buying a Grand Cherokee but are worried about the cost, you could consider buying a used one. Used cars are cheaper than new ones, and a used Grand Cherokee can save you a lot of money. According to CarEdge, a used Grand Cherokee can cost much less than a new one, and it won’t lose as much value over time.

Ram 2500 white colour
Ram 2500 (Credits: Ram)

With its mix of luxury, reliability, and usefulness, the Grand Cherokee is a popular choice for many drivers. Whether you buy a new one or a used one, the Grand Cherokee is a great car that many people love.


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