Rare Demon 170 Challenger Market: Trends and Insights

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Rare Demon 170 Challenger Market
Rare Demon 170 Challenger Market

Is there a lesson to be learned here? Will dealers reconsider their strategy of purchasing rare cars with the expectation of flipping them for massive profits? The answer may not be definitive, but savvy businessmen and women will recognize the importance of identifying trends and seizing opportunities selectively.

Currently, it appears that the market for flipping Demon 170 Challengers has experienced a significant setback. It’s akin to a submarine taking on water and simultaneously facing a fire onboard.

Recently, a particular Demon 170, boasting just 21 miles on the odometer, failed to sell at auction as its reserve wasn’t met. Despite reaching a bid of $165,000, the dealership from Massachusetts opted to withdraw the car from auction. Perhaps accepting an offer of $33,000 over MSRP wouldn’t have been a bad move after all.

Rare Demon 170 Challenger Market
Rare Demon 170 Challenger Market (Credit: Bring a Trailer)

While two other dealerships in Virginia and New York previously turned down offers of $164,000 and $166,000, respectively for their low-mileage Demon 170 Challengers, a recent sale saw a similar model fetching $156,500 just two days ago.

This sale price, notably lower than any other Demon 170 on the used car market, was for a Go Mango example with 262 miles on the clock. If there were cheaper flagship Challengers available, they might raise some suspicions.

Regarding the specific car in question, it features a Plum Crazy exterior, complemented by a satin black Air-Grabber hood, satin black roof and rear decklid graphics, and the SRT Performance rear spoiler with an integrated rearview camera. It’s a well-appointed vehicle with numerous interior and performance highlights.


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