Tesla Cybertruck Frenzy: Sold Out for 2024, Record Prices, Resale Restrictions

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Tesla Cybertruck Frenzy
Tesla Cybertruck Frenzy

Initially, it seemed like the hype around Tesla Cybertrucks had waned. Despite offering prices not much higher than the MRSP, some Cybertrucks struggled to sell. However, Tesla’s recent announcement that the model is sold out for 2024 has reignited the frenzy.

A prime example is the sale of a Tesla Cybertruck Cyberbeast Foundation Series for $262,500, more than double its MRSP. This particular model, the first of its kind, fetched a significant price, signaling a resurgence of interest.

Tesla Cybertruck Frenzy
Tesla Cybertruck Frenzy (Credit: RM Sotheby’s Motorsport)

Interestingly, a Porsche dealership from South Orlando, Florida, managed to secure one of these sought-after Cybertrucks for $244,000. This dealership swiftly re-listed the vehicle for $269,000, showcasing the potential for substantial profits in the current market.

Tesla’s policies regarding Cybertruck resale add another layer of complexity. Owners attempting to sell their vehicles within the first year of ownership face restrictions outlined in the purchase contract. Tesla reserves the right to buy back the vehicle at a predetermined price or impose a hefty financial penalty if owners opt to sell to third parties.

Despite these restrictions, some owners have claimed to have obtained Tesla’s consent for resale. However, without concrete proof, skepticism remains regarding the legitimacy of such transactions. Tesla’s announcement of the Cybertruck being sold out for 2024 has revitalized interest in the model, evidenced by recent high-priced sales and continued market activity.


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