2025 BMW M5: Plug-In Hybrid Powerhouse with Revolutionary Features

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2025 BMW M5
2025 BMW M5

Set to replace the F90, the upcoming G90 heralds a new era for BMW, boasting a plug-in hybrid twin-turbo V8 sedan. Accompanying this flagship sedan is a station wagon variant, a surprising addition slated for release in the US market.

BMW’s recent teaser video offers the look of the G90 and its spacious counterpart, showcasing their resilience in extreme conditions. Despite frigid temperatures, both vehicles demonstrate impeccable performance, a testament to meticulous engineering.

2025 BMW M5
2025 BMW M5 (Credit: BMW M5)

Inside, there’s a recognizable oriented touchscreen infotainment system along with a slew of high-end goodies that bring back memories of BMW’s legendary range. Notably, the M5 twins boast an exclusive AWD system, enhancing performance and agility.

Under the hood, the G90 promises formidable power, with a plug-in powertrain delivering over 700 horsepower. Paired with advanced transmission technology, it ensures exhilarating performance while prioritizing efficiency.

Production of the G90 will commence in phases, with the sedan scheduled for release in mid-2024, followed by the highly anticipated M5 Touring. Anticipation mounts as BMW prepares to redefine luxury and performance in the automotive world.

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