Aston Martin’s Future: V12 Continuity & Hybridization Plans

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Aston Martin's Future
Aston Martin's Future

Former Mercedes-AMG CEO Tobias Moers once considered discontinuing Aston Martin’s 5.2L twin-turbo V12, but current executive director Lawrence Stroll assures its continued presence. Stroll hints at future hybridization without specifying the technology or timeline.

Aston Martin plans to prioritize plug-in hybrids over electric vehicles, catering to customer preferences for traditional sounds and smells.

Aston Martin's Future
Aston Martin’s Future (Credit: Aston Martin)

Stroll’s strategy aligns with Aston Martin’s commitment to maintaining the V8 presence, contrasting with earlier plans for V6-powered supercars.

While specifics about future models remain undisclosed, Aston Martin prepares for the transition to electric vehicles, postponing its first series-production electric vehicle to late 2026. The lineup will feature a range of EVs, including crossovers, a grand tourer, and a supercar, though their launch order remains uncertain.

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