Lincoln’s EV Evolution: From Concept to CGI Dreams

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Lincoln's EV Evolution
Lincoln's EV Evolution

With the electric vehicle hype subsiding and automakers slashing prices, Lincoln is shifting its focus to advanced technology development. However, this shift hasn’t deterred the imagination of digital car content creators.

In 2022, Lincoln revealed the Star EV crossover SUV concept, signaling its foray into the electric vehicle market. Despite the perceived slowdown in EV adoption, Lincoln’s parent company, FoMoCo, is exploring new EV platforms for smaller models.

Lincoln's EV Evolution
Lincoln’s EV Evolution (Credit: Lincoln)

Virtual artist Vince Burlapp, known for envisioning the latest automotive models, has proposed electric vehicle options for Lincoln, including a revival of the Lincoln Mark series in Coupe and Convertible form.

While Lincoln continues to expand its lineup with models like the 2024 Corsair and refreshed Aviator, the future remains open to both traditional passenger cars and crossover SUVs.


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