BMW’s Commitment: Dealer Meeting Highlights and Future Plans

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BMWs Commitment
BMWs Commitment

During a two-day dealer meeting in Las Vegas, BMW assured its retailers of a commitment to meeting consumer preferences over regulatory constraints. Emphasizing the longevity of its twin-turbo V8 engine, BMW acknowledges the importance of catering to internal combustion loyalists.

Recognizing the current limitations of EV demand, particularly in justifying a full transition, BMW highlights the significance of its S68 twin-turbo V8, the largest and most powerful engine currently offered for BMW vehicles. Additionally, BMW showcased the highly anticipated G99 M5 Touring without camouflage during the event, further demonstrating its dedication to meeting consumer demands.

BMWs Commitment
BMWs Commitment (Credit: BMW)

Choosing the United States as the venue for the meeting underscores the significant contribution of the US market, accounting for 40% of the M division’s global sales. The meeting also featured the revealing of the MINI Aceman, an electric crossover set to be produced in China, catering to the growing demand for electric vehicles.

With plans to introduce nearly 40 updated and new vehicles over the next five years, including the X3 and X5, BMW remains committed to innovation and meeting consumer expectations. The forthcoming models, including the redesigned M5, signify BMW’s continued pursuit of excellence and market leadership in the automotive industry.


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