Silent Stalkers: Tesla Cars Take Charge of City Patrol

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Tesla Cybertruck Cop Car
Tesla Cybertruck Cop Car(Credits: MOTORTREND)

Anaheim’s police department is switching things up. Their new patrol cars are Teslas, the electric vehicle taking the world by storm.

Police departments everywhere are ditching their gas wheels for electric rides. These Teslas, tricked out by Unplugged Performance to be perfect police cars, fit the bill for size, speed, and how far they can go on a single charge. Plus, saving money on gas is a no-brainer.

Tesla Model 3 Performance 
Tesla Model 3 Performance (Credits: Tesla)

Tesla’s Model Y is already a favorite with everyday drivers, and it looks like cops are digging them too. We’ve seen other departments like South Pasadena grab a bunch for their fleet and Somerset PD even thinks a single Model Y could save them a whopping $80,000 over a decade thanks to gas and maintenance savings.

These Teslas ticked all the right boxes for the police: super fast, surprisingly roomy, easy on the wallet, and low on maintenance costs.

Plus the fancy tech and safety features built-in, along with a citywide network of charging stations means officers can respond to emergencies quickly and connect with the community more easily.

But this is just the beginning, Anaheim PD is treating these Teslas like a test drive. They’ll be monitoring how the electric vehicles perform, how reliable they are, and how much money they save to see if electric is the way of the future for their fleet.


By Rajdeep Singh

Rajdeep (New Delhi) sparks electric vehicle enthusiasm with engaging content, empowering everyone to join the EV revolution.

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