Classic Mopar Discoveries: Hidden Treasures in Michigan

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Classic Mopar Discoveries
Classic Mopar Discoveries

When it comes to discovering classic Mopars, stumbling upon individual finds is exciting, but it becomes even more thrilling when a grand building reveals an entire collection. This collection, tucked away somewhere in Michigan and documented by the enthusiast “Auto Archaeology,” holds a few rare gems from the golden muscle car era.

Among these treasures is a 1970 Dodge Challenger T/A, a true gem born out of Dodge’s ambition to dominate the SCCA Trans-Am series. Sporting a unique engine and appearance package, the T/A boasted a 340-cubic-inch V8 with a trio of two-barrel carburetors, distinctive matte-black fiberglass hood, and side-exiting exhaust pipes.

With only 989 units equipped with a four-speed manual gearbox like this one and featuring a rare Lemon Twist exterior paired with a tan interior, this T/A is currently undergoing restoration to its original specifications after about 20 years of parts gathering.

Classic Mopar Discoveries
Classic Mopar Discoveries (Credit: Auto Archaeology/YouTube)

Also housed in this collection is a 1969 Plymouth GTX, boasting a numbers-matching “Coyote Duster” 440-cubic-inch V8. While not as rare as its HEMI counterpart, any running GTX today is a notable find, considering the number lost to time.

Adding to the lineup is a 1970 Plymouth Road Runner Six-Barrel, a rare specimen with just 1,815 units produced, featuring a 390-horsepower engine and a scarcity of only 429 or 222 units with either a four-speed or automatic transmission, respectively.

Lastly, there’s a rare 1970-model-year Barracuda convertible, one of only 2,501 built that year and powered by a slant-six engine. While not as valuable as its HEMI counterpart, its rarity makes it a worthy candidate for restoration and a unique piece of automotive history.


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