Toyota 4Runner Redesigned: A Modern Classic Revived

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Toyota 4Runner Redesigned
Toyota 4Runner Redesigned

Renowned automotive designer Marouane Bembli, popularly known as The Sketch Monkey, recently started a creative endeavor to reimagine the 2025 Toyota 4Runner. His vision, while subtle, breathes new life into the iconic sport utility vehicle, infusing it with contemporary flair.

Bembli’s redesign focuses on refining the 4Runner’s front fascia by simplifying its grille design and streamlining its whole appearance. By eliminating certain design elements and blacking out the lower bumper, he achieves a sleek and cohesive aesthetic while retaining the 4Runner’s rugged charm.

Toyota 4Runner Redesigned
Toyota 4Runner Redesigned (Credit: The Sketch Monkey/YouTube)

At the rear, Bembli extends the taillights and enhances the rear quarter panels, further refining the vehicle’s silhouette. The result is a harmonious blend of modernity and tradition, showcasing Bembli’s keen eye for detail and appreciation for timeless design.

While acknowledging Toyota’s commendable design efforts, Bembli underscores the 4Runner’s unique position in the market as a three-row SUV with unparalleled versatility. With its proven track record and loyal following, Even in this dynamic SUV market, the 4Runner manages to carve out a strong place for itself.

As anticipation mounts for the sixth-generation 4Runner, enthusiasts eagerly await Toyota’s revealing of this iconic vehicle, poised to set new standards of excellence in the mid-size SUV segment.

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