Electric BMWs for Less? Huge Discounts Slash Prices by $10,500

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BMW's Electric Vision Neue Klasse X Concept vs. Tesla Model Y
BMW's Electric Vision Neue Klasse X Concept vs. Tesla Model Y

BMW is cranking up electric car deals, and they’re looking to keep their electric vehicle sales soaring after a big first quarter. They’re also offering some seriously tempting incentives to do it.

Whether you’re looking to buy or lease, BMW has got you covered.

Thinking about purchasing a new BMW electric vehicle? Get ready to save up to $10,500! This can be applied through a credit if you finance the car through BMW or as a straight discount if you’re paying cash. Leasing a new BMW electric vehicle might be an even better deal! In this case, the savings can be as high as $13,000.

a bmw steering wheel (Credits: BMW)

These deals are good for the i4 and i5 models until the end of April, so if you’ve been eyeing a new electric BMW, now’s the perfect time to snag one and save some serious cash.

These luxury electric SUVs qualify for a $7,500 discount.

On top of that, there’s a loyalty bonus of $3,000 for previous BMW owners. Stack these two deals together, and you’re looking at a potential $10,500 discount on a brand new i7 (if you meet all the requirements). West Coast electric vehicle (EV) drivers can save even more with an additional $1,000 trade-in bonus – that’s a lot of savings.

BMW Combines EVs and Gas Cars on Shared Platform for Customer Benefit
BMW Hybrid Cars (Credits: BMW)

Leasing an i7 or iX gets you an even steeper discount – a whopping $9,900 off! Combine that with the loyalty bonus, and you could slash the price of a new i7 by a total of $12,900. Sure, the i7 starts at a hefty $105,700, but a 10% discount (thanks to these deals) isn’t something to scoff at, especially if you’ve been dreaming of getting behind the wheel of this electric beast.


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