MDX vs. Durango: Acura’s SUV Dominates Drag Races

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MDX vs. Durango

In a head-to-head showdown at Dunville Autodrome, Sam CarLegion answers the burning question of speed between a Durango equipped with the Eagle V8 and an MDX featuring the J30AC V6.

Despite the MDX’s heavier weight, thanks to optional features like the Advance Package, it effortlessly outpaces the Durango in both straight-line acceleration and rolling starts. Acura’s front-biased platform and SH-AWD system, paired with a 10-speed automatic transmission, deliver superior performance and agility.

MDX vs. Durango
MDX vs. Durango (Credit: Sam CarLegion/YouTube)

While the Durango’s 5.7-liter HEMI engine boasts more power, the MDX’s turbocharged V6 delivers torque more efficiently, resulting in quicker acceleration and whole performance. Despite the Durango’s respectable credentials, it falls short of the MDX’s impressive capabilities on the track.

As the automobile industry changes, manufacturers like Dodge continue to introduce special editions and enhancements to their lineup, signaling a commitment to performance and innovation. Despite its valiant effort, the Durango faces stiff competition from rivals like the MDX, showcasing the relentless pursuit of excellence in the SUV segment.


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