Vintage Ford Model T: Wicker-Clad Survivor with Lloyd Heritage

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Vintage Ford Model T
Vintage Ford Model T

Manufactured over a staggering 19-year period spanning from 1908 to 1927, the Ford Model T is widely recognized as the inaugural mass-produced and economical automobile. This iconic vehicle, credited with putting America on wheels, surpassed 15 million units in sales and retained its status as the world’s top-selling vehicle until 1972.

Nearly a century after the final “Tin Lizzie” rolled off the assembly line, remnants of the Model T can still be spotted on the roads. While many have been lost to time or relegated to backyard storage, the dedication of enthusiasts ensures that thousands of examples remain operational.

Vintage Ford Model T
Vintage Ford Model T (Credit: If This Car Could Talk/YouTube)

The drop-top variant from 1924 showcased here is a testament to this commitment, boasting a distinctive feature: hand-woven wicker covering nearly every body panel, including the hood, doors, and rear section. Even the rims and spare tires bear this woven material, reminiscent of the craftsmanship found in the furniture industry.

Beyond its unique exterior, this Model T boasts a remarkable lineage, remaining within the same family since 1934, marking an impressive 90-year tenure by 2024. Retaining much of its originality, including the factory-made block powering its four-cylinder engine, the vehicle has undergone minor modifications over the years, such as the addition of a pickup-style mini bed at the rear. Its enduring presence at car events adds a final flourish to its storied journey through automotive history.


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