Toyota’s 2024 Land Cruiser: Innovations, Special Editions, and Market Insights

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Toyota's 2024 Land Cruiser
Toyota's 2024 Land Cruiser

The American arm of the Japanese automaker was swift in releasing the 2024 Land Cruiser back into the market, and now other regions are following suit, with Japan leading the charge. Toyota presents an impressive lineup of mid-size off-road vehicles for the crucial North American market the Lexus GX 500 featuring a V6 engine, the N400 Tacoma pickup truck, the revamped and more affordable Land Cruiser, and the newly introduced 4Runner all-purpose vehicle.

However, in Japan, they are still catching up with market releases, with the Land Cruiser ‘250’ joining the lineup alongside the full-size LC300 and the classic Land Cruiser ’70.’ To cater to their customers, the automaker is introducing two special edition models – ZX “First Edition” and VX “First Edition,” limited to a combined total of just 8,000 units.

Positioned between the luxurious LC300 and the rugged LC70, the Land Cruiser ‘250’ introduces several innovations, including the first-ever electric power steering (EPS) and a Stabilizer with Disconnection Mechanism (SDM).

Toyota's 2024 Land Cruiser
Toyota’s 2024 Land Cruiser (Credit: Toyota)

Unlike the U.S., where it is powered solely by the electrified 2.4-liter turbo inline-four ‘i-Force Max’ 326-hp powertrain, the Land Cruiser ‘250’ in Japan offers two engine options – a 2.8-liter direct injection turbo diesel engine with the Direct Shift-8AT and a 2.7-liter gasoline engine (161 hp) with a 6 Super ECT, both equipped with a full-time 4WD with Torsen LSD.

It comes at a slightly lower price point, starting at JPY 5,900,000 with the 2TR-FE gasoline engine or JPY 7,000,000 with the 1GD-FTV diesel engine, equivalent to $38,244 and $45,371, respectively. Despite the attractive pricing in Japan, where the special editions are significantly cheaper than in the U.S., the base model starts at $33,705 for the five-seat GX grade. Considering the seven-seater ZX and VX variants, the price difference becomes even more evident.

Nevertheless, American buyers have the advantage of the flagship i-Force Max engine. And Europeans will likely envy the Japanese models, as they are expected to receive the same powertrains at potentially higher prices.


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