Tesla’s Model 3 Performance: Specs Revealed for Powerful Electric Sedan

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Tesla's Model 3 Performance
Tesla's Model 3 Performance

Tesla inadvertently revealed updated specifications for the Model 3 Performance on its UK online configurator, providing insights into the forthcoming model’s capabilities. Despite being subject to change, these details offer a look into what to expect from Tesla’s most powerful Model 3 variant to date.

Recent reports and a media event in Malibu hint at the imminent launch of the Model 3 Performance. European homologation documents further confirm key specifications, including a top speed of 261 kph (162 mph) and a WLTP range of 528 km (328 miles). Tesla’s UK website adjustments provide additional information, indicating that the Performance moniker will be retained.

Tesla's Model 3 Performance
Tesla’s Model 3 Performance (Credit: Tesla)

While specifics on power output remain ambiguous, Tesla’s website suggests a combined horsepower of over 500, reinforcing the model’s status as the most potent iteration of the Model 3. The inclusion of advanced features like high-performance brakes and adaptive suspension underscores Tesla’s commitment to delivering an exceptional driving experience.

Despite the absence of acceleration figures on the UK configurator, insights from recent events suggest a 0-60 mph time of around 2.9 seconds. This aligns with Tesla’s emphasis on performance enhancements, including Track Mode V3, which is tailored for precise handling and control.

Tesla’s strategic updates signal an impending official launch, potentially coinciding with the Q1 2024 earnings call. As anticipation builds, the Model 3 Performance sets a new benchmark for electric performance vehicles, poised to impress enthusiasts and critics alike.

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