Maserati Recall Expands: Safety Concerns Addressed for Various Models

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Maserati Recall Expands
Maserati Recall Expands

In April 2024, Maserati North America Inc. announced a recall affecting 58 additional vehicles due to potential fuel line sensor housing issues. This follows a previous recall in November 2021, bringing the total number of affected units to 467 across various models, including the MC20, Ghibli, and Quattroporte.

The recall addresses concerns over cracked fuel line sensor housings that could lead to fuel leaks and engine compartment fires. The affected vehicles, produced between April and August 2021, will undergo inspections and necessary repairs to ensure safety.

Maserati Recall Expands
Maserati Recall Expands (Credit: Maserati)

Hutchinson Poland Sp. z o.o., the supplier responsible for the faulty components, identified additional potentially defective housings, prompting the expanded recall. While no related fires have been reported, Maserati is taking proactive measures to address the issue.

Affected owners will be notified by mail and instructed to schedule repairs at authorized dealerships. Maserati assures owners that remedy components have been properly molded to prevent future issues. Owners can also check their vehicle’s recall status using the VIN lookup tool provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Despite these challenges, Maserati remains committed to delivering high-quality vehicles to its customers. The company continues to innovate and evolve its lineup, with plans for future electrification and advancements in performance and technology.

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