ZEEKR Unveils Ultra-Comfy MPV: Think Marble Floors & Disappearing Windows!

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A conept image of the grand 009 (Credits: ZEEKR)

ZEEKR, a hot new electric vehicle brand, just announced the ultra-luxurious 009 Grand. This 4-seater takes “family ride” to a whole new level, offering passengers an “extreme luxury” experience.

Imagine stepping inside a cabin adorned with polished marble, chrome accents, and a giant LCD screen for entertainment. And if you love powerful sound systems, the 009 Grand boasts booming speakers to complete the VIP feel. But this beauty isn’t just about looks – it’s also sporty, with impressive acceleration.

Interior of the new ZEEKR mpv (Credits: Futurride)

ZEEKR might be a young company, but they’re making waves in the EV world, especially in China. They’re also expanding globally, so keep an eye out for their sleek vehicles on the road. The 009 Grand joins ZEEKR’s growing lineup, which already includes four models and an upcoming all-electric van called the MIX.

The 009 Grand isn’t their first take on luxury MPVs. In 2023, they launched the original ZEEKR 009, designed to be a spacious and sustainable option for families and even chauffeured services.

ZEEKR 009 Grand (Credits: ZEEKR)

ZEEKR launched their regular 009 MPV a year ago. This spacious electric vehicle with powerful CATL batteries has been doing well in China. But ZEEKR thought, “Hey, this could be even more luxurious!” So, they went back to the drawing board and created the 009 Grand – a version so fancy it practically begs for a chauffeur


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