1964 Impala Project: Restoration Opportunity

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1964 Impala Project
1964 Impala Project

With a new generation looming, Chevrolet didn’t heavily invest in the 1964 Impala. Despite this, the brand introduced refinements, notably in the engine department, where the 409 remained a strong big-block option.

The 1964 Impala, a full-size model, saw continuously rising sales. Already the best-selling model in the United States, the 1964 model year fueled further growth, setting the stage for a major achievement in 1965. The next Impala became the first car in the US to surpass one million units in annual sales.

1964 Impala Project
1964 Impala Project (Credit: Craigslist)

A 1964 Impala recently surfaced online, searching for a new owner. But, fair warning: this Impala isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s a rough project, described by the seller as having “only two holes” in the floors, with rust affecting many parts.

Additionally, numerous components are missing, likely due to this Impala serving as a donor for another project. While a 409 would be ideal for a restored Impala, there are alternative options available, such as those recently found on Craigslist at reasonable prices.

To determine if this Impala is worth salvaging, it’s best to inspect it in person. Reach out to the seller to discuss all details before bidding. The car is listed on eBay with no reserve, meaning it only takes one bid to find a new home. Currently, an offer of $300 has been made, but expect competition to increase as diehard Impala fans catch wind of this hardtop.


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