Alfa Romeo Milano Controversy: From Naming to Cabrio-SUV Concept

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Alfa Romeo Milano Controversy
Alfa Romeo Milano Controversy

Alfa Romeo’s debut of its first-ever all-electric vehicle, initially named the Alfa Romeo Milano, sparked controversy on multiple fronts. Critics questioned the car’s styling, production location, and even its name, leading to a renaming from Milano to Junior amidst legal concerns.

Despite these challenges, the Alfa Romeo Milano/Junior, built on the STLA Small (e-CMP2) platform, boasts impressive electric power and performance. However, its departure from traditional Alfa Romeo design language and production in Poland rather than Italy drew criticism and intervention from Italian authorities.

Alfa Romeo Milano Controversy
Alfa Romeo Milano Controversy (Credit: KDesign AG / Behance)

In response to the backlash, digital car content creators like Kleber Silva proposed an innovative solution: a hypothetical Cabrio-SUV version of the Milano/Junior. This concept, inspired by the iconic city of Milan, reimagines the electric crossover with a roofless, three-door design, invoking nostalgia while addressing concerns over production location and branding.

Silva’s vision underscores the potential for creative solutions in the face of controversy, offering a compelling alternative to the conventional electric crossover. As Alfa Romeo navigates challenges in bringing its electric vehicle to market, innovative concepts like the Cabrio-SUV demonstrate the brand’s adaptability and commitment to pushing boundaries in automotive design.


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