1974 Chevrolet Nova Restoration: Classic Project Car in Monroe, VA

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1974 Chevrolet Nova Restoration
1974 Chevrolet Nova Restoration

From a production standpoint, the 1974 Nova set a record. Selling over 390,000 units, it outperformed its 1963 counterpart, which saw 372,000 units sold. However, 1974 brought a shift in customer preferences. The V8 engine, previously popular, saw a decline in orders, dropping from 263,000 to 219,000 units.

Conversely, the six-cylinder Chevrolet Nova saw a surge in sales, climbing from 106,000 to 171,000 units. The two-door sedan remained the top choice, with over 210,000 customers selecting this body style, followed by the four-door variant with 98,000 buyers.

This particular Nova, captured in the Craigslist photos, awaits urgent restoration after spending over three decades in storage. While showing signs of wear, it’s not as deteriorated as one might expect after 32 years in a barn. Rust issues are evident, though considering the conditions, the undersides appear surprisingly intact.

1974 Chevrolet Nova Restoration
1974 Chevrolet Nova Restoration (Credit: Craigslist)

Despite its challenges, the Nova retains its original V8 engine, as confirmed by the VIN decoding. Listed as a two-door Nova Custom sedan with a 350 2-barrel V8, it presents a promising restoration project.

Priced at $4,000 by the owner, a restoration estimate might suggest a more realistic value of around $2,500, factoring in mechanical issues. Interested buyers should arrange to inspect the car firsthand, especially considering its location in Monroe, near Lynchburg. Transportation via trailer is advised, though the car rolls freely for easy loading.

Contacting the seller for additional details is recommended, and a thorough inspection, particularly of the undersides, is crucial for potential restoration endeavors.

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