January 21, 2021

2021 Honda E: Different Take on Electric cars

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When Honda launched its first electric car back in 1997, they were sure that the future is electric cars. Even though they discontinued their first electric car:  the Honda EV Plus, in 1999, they continued their try in making electric cars. The latest addition to Honda’s electric cars offering is the Honda E.

Just as the name, this car is a small electric car, best for city driving. This car was first introduced as a prototype back in 2017 as the Honda Urban EV concept. Honda wanted to make the E a city car because it’s short-range, 136 miles to be precise. We will look at all of the features of this car here.

Honda E

The Elfin Honda E!

Yes, just as its name, the Honda E is a tiny and compact car. Even though this car is small, Honda has tried to pack prominent features inside this car, except for the vehicle’s battery power. Looking at the car, this car looks very similar to the front, and from the back! The car has the perfect mix of old school design and modern elements. That 90’s vibe will be a USP for this car.

This is because of the big, round headlamps at the front and with the very clear-cut lines. Making it look simple, elegant, and very futuristic all at the same time. It also has a hood, which opens either digitally or mechanically for charging. It also includes retractable door handles and frameless windows, making the Honda E stand out from the crowd. Since we can talk all day long about how cute it looks, we conclude its design as a cute panda who came from the future world!

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Inside the ‘E’

Being a small car from the outside doesn’t mean that it is small. This Japanese manufacturer has utilized the maximum available space in the car.  Inside the Honda E, we could feel the ample space to sit and relax. And yes, the interior of this Honda is different. There is a reason because Honda calls this interior a lounge-style interior.

The first thing everyone will notice when they step in is the six displays inside. And we are going to talk about that at first. At the most extreme ends of the display array, we could see 6-inch screens at both ends. Another screen in the rearview mirror. Yes, it can act as both a rearview mirror or its digital version: by one button. All these screens use the help of a surround-view camera system.

The rest of the screens include the instrument cluster and two 12.3-inch displays. Honda has high plans for this lounge-style like interior. It’s easy to use and has a decent resolution to view the content. The two 12.3 inch screen can be customized easily as per the user preferences.

Honda has lots of features packed in. From connecting the Phone using Android Auto or Apple CarPlay or changing the wallpaper. They have even provided options to connect a console via an HDMI port. Even a conventional power socket under the screens to power any household appliance! The display can show various information such as the car’s battery, or range, and other information.

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Under the Hood of Honda E

Buyers can choose between two engine variants. One engine giving an output of 136 HP and one with 154 HP. For both variants, The battery powering this compact city vehicle remains the same at 35.5 kWh rated capacity. According to Honda, the range will be around 136 miles,  although The real-world performance will be much lower than this. Yes, this very low for today’s standards. Honda has tried to level it with a 55 kW fast charger, which can go from 10-80 percent in just 36 minutes.

The price of the new Honda E starts at £26,160. What are your thoughts regarding Honda’s new take on electric cars? Do let us know.

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