Yenko’s 1969 Super Nova: A Legend in Muscle Car History

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Yenko's 1969 Super Nova
Yenko's 1969 Super Nova

During 1969 and 1970, Yenko expanded his lineup of high-performance vehicles to include the compact Nova, crafting some of the most exhilarating muscle cars of the era.

Following the less successful first generation of the Corvair, Chevrolet introduced the Chevy II in 1962, positioning it as a more conventional alternative to the Corvair. The Chevy II, later renamed Nova, proved to be a success, undergoing continuous refinement over the years.

In 1966, the Nova underwent a significant redesign, entering its second generation. By 1968, it received a complete makeover and was rebranded as the Nova, offering a performance-oriented SS trim.

Yenko's 1969 Super Nova
Yenko’s 1969 Super Nova (Credit: Yenko)

The introduction of the SS trim in 1968 transformed the Nova into a formidable muscle car, equipped with upgraded suspension and powerful engine options, including the 396-ci big-block V8.

The 1969 SYC Nova, known for its raw power and aggressive styling, garnered both praise and criticism, with only a limited production run of 37 units, making it a sought-after collectible among muscle car enthusiasts.

For the 1970 model year, Yenko introduced the Deuce, a more refined version of the Super Nova, powered by a high-performance small-block V8. Despite its toned-down demeanor, the Deuce remained a potent force on the streets, showcasing Yenko’s commitment to performance and innovation.

Today, these rare Super Novas command high prices on the collector’s market, reflecting their status as icons of the golden age of muscle cars. While overshadowed by their Camaro counterparts, the Yenko Novas remain a testament to Yenko’s ingenuity and passion for performance.


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