Quirky Ford Falcon Dragster: Old vs. New Racing Battles

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Quirky Ford Falcon Dragster
Quirky Ford Falcon Dragster

Sometimes, even the most forgotten things can occupy your mind all night, turning into either a nightmare or a hilarious dream, depending on your perspective. This is exemplified by a quirky Ford Falcon transformed into a racetrack monster.

The Ford Falcon nameplate holds significance in various regions, with younger automotive enthusiasts possibly associating it solely with the Australian version of a car produced from 1960 until 2016 across seven generations. It also ventured into other forms, such as the Ute, and Ford even manufactured a Falcon van during the first-generation Ford E-Series van’s run.

Arguably less known unless you reside in South America, the Ford Falcon built by Ford Argentina from 1962 to 1991 adds another layer of obscurity.

Quirky Ford Falcon Dragster
Quirky Ford Falcon Dragster (Credit: ImportRace / YouTube)

Meanwhile, the original North American Ford Falcon had the shortest lifespan, spanning from 1959 for the 1960 through 1970 model years before swiftly being succeeded by the Ford Maverick.

Reviving a Ford Falcon in the United States is a daunting task, let alone transforming it into a quarter-mile dragstrip contender. Yet, expect the unexpected at the racetrack, as evidenced by a lifted Ford Falcon captured by the ImportRace channel on YouTube. This Falcon, with its nostalgic Ford script, surprises with its oversized exhaust pipe, massive rear tires, and lifted stance—an unlikely sight on any off-road adventure.

At Island Dragway, amidst Old vs. New showdowns, the Falcon faced off against a modern Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat. Despite its valiant efforts, the Falcon couldn’t outpace the Mopar beast. The rematch didn’t alter the outcome, with the Mopar maintaining its dominance. Nevertheless, witnessing the lifted Falcon’s journey at the dragstrip, undeterred by the odds, adds a touch of quirky charm to the racing scene.

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