Kia EV9 Now More Affordable Thanks to New Discount!

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2024 Kia EV9
2024 Kia EV9 Achieving 304 Mile Range (Credits: Motor Authority)

Kia just made their new EV9 SUV even more tempting! They slashed the price by $7,500, bringing the starting price down to $48,895. That’s a big deal, considering most new cars cost around $47,400 anyway.

This isn’t just any electric SUV, though. The EV9 is one of the few three-row options on the market, making it perfect for families. It comes in two battery sizes, offering up to 304 miles of range on a single charge. Plus, even the base model comes loaded with features like a power liftgate, climate control for everyone, and heated/ventilated front seats – something you don’t even get on a much pricier BMW.

Leasing isn’t the best option right now, but financing offers a 0% interest rate. While there are even bigger EVs out there, they come with a much bigger price tag. Kia’s EV9 seems to be hitting the sweet spot of size, features, and affordability, especially with this new discount.

Kia Introduces Substantial Price Reductions for Newly Released EV9 Electric Vehicle
kia EV9 (Credits: Kia)

The base model EV9 might be light on power (think sluggish acceleration) despite its hefty weight. This isn’t the case with all the trims though. If you prioritize features over speed, the Land AWD for $63,895 (after the discount) might be a better option. It comes with all the bells and whistles, including fancy lighting, sunroofs, ventilated seats, and a premium sound system. There are even flashier trims with special headlights and paint options.

So, is the EV9 worth it? Here’s the takeaway:

For under $50,000 with the discount, the EV9 is a great pick, especially if you don’t mind waiting a bit to get up to speed.

Leasing isn’t the best deal right now. Buying with Kia’s 0% interest for up to 4 years is a much better option, especially considering the big discount.

With a starting price this low and a powerful engine in some trims, the EV9 seems like a strong contender in the electric SUV market.

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