Tesla’s Superior Model 3 Performance: US Exclusive Features Revealed

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Tesla's Superior Model 3 Performance
Tesla's Superior Model 3 Performance

Tesla is making a significant move in its home market, with the latest Model 3 Performance setting a new standard exclusively for the US. While Canada, Australia, Europe, and Asia receive a slightly altered version, the US model stands out. Here’s the breakdown:

The 2025 Tesla Model 3 Performance, priced at $52,990 before taxes and incentives, boasts impressive specs: a manufacturer-estimated range of 296 miles (476 kilometers), weighing 4,054 lb (1,839 kg). Its enhanced dual-motor powertrain generates 510 hp and 547 lb-ft (741 Nm) of torque, alongside various chassis and interior upgrades.

Tesla's Superior Model 3 Performance
Tesla’s Superior Model 3 Performance (Credit: Tesla)

Comparing it to the BMW i4 M50, although the i4 has 26 hp more, it’s significantly heavier and costlier. Even on 20-inch wheels, the Model 3 Performance outshines with an extra 69 miles (111 kilometers) of range per charge.

But the difference isn’t just in performance; it’s in regulations. In the US, Tesla’s stringent EV tax credit rules mandate specific battery compositions and production locations. The Model 3 Performance likely uses a revised Panasonic 2170 cell, qualifying it for the full tax credit. In contrast, other regions can use battery packs from Chinese suppliers, resulting in a power disparity.

While Americans enjoy the top-tier Model 3, there’s hope for others. Tesla’s history of switching battery packs without notice suggests potential upgrades for non-US models, providing opportunities for parity.

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