Mitsubishi ASX vs. Renault Captur: European Rebranding

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Mitsubishi ASX vs. Renault Captur
Mitsubishi ASX vs. Renault Captur

Mitsubishi is continuing its efforts to entice new European car buyers with the ASX, which is essentially a rebranded Renault Captur. While the French counterpart has received a mid-cycle refresh, the Japanese variant is yet to follow suit.

The updated ASX, though significantly different from its predecessor, takes cues from the latest Renault Captur, albeit with some subtle alterations. Notable changes include similarly shaped headlamps with distinct graphics, nearly identical DRLs, and a modified central section of the front bumper with a larger chin.

Distinguishing the latest ASX from the Captur at the rear end requires keen observation, with only the Mitsubishi lettering in the middle of the tailgate setting it apart, while the Renault displays the model’s name in that location.  Additionally, the ASX offers optional 17- or 18-inch wheels and retains plastic cladding around the wheel arches and lower profile sections.

Mitsubishi ASX vs. Renault Captur
Mitsubishi ASX vs. Renault Captur (Credit: Mitsubishi)

Inside, a notable feature is the retractable panoramic sunroof, while the rear bench’s ability to slide forward by 6.3 inches (16 cm) enhances cargo space by an additional 2.4 cu-ft (69 liters) over the standard 11.7 cu-ft (332 lt). The ASX also integrates Google built-in services, including Google Maps, Google Play, and Google Assistant.

The 1.3L mild-hybrid variant combines a turbocharged engine with a belt-driven starter generator and a 12V battery, delivering 138 hp (140 ps/103 kW) and 192 lb-ft (260 Nm) of torque. Fuel efficiency ranges from 41.3-40.6 US mpg (5.7-5.8 l/100 km) with a choice of manual or seven-speed DCT.

Lastly, the 1.6-liter hybrid boasts two electric motors assisting the gasoline engine, paired with an automatic gearbox. This configuration yields 141 hp (143 ps/105 kW) and provides a total driving range of 600 miles (900 km), achieving 51.1 US mpg (4.6 l/100 km).

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