Lamborghini Urus SE Revealed with Updated Style and Plug-In-Hybrid System

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Lamborghini Urus SE (Plug-In-Hybrid) Breaks Cover With Refreshed Looks

The Lamborghini Urus SE emerges as a formidable addition to the lineup, marking the brand’s venture into plug-in hybrid territory alongside the groundbreaking Revuelto. With 800 hp under its hood, this Urus variant promises a blend of raw power and electrified performance, distinguishing itself with unique front and rear aesthetics.

With the Urus nearing its seventh year in production, Lamborghini introduces the SE model, indicating a strategic progression rather than a complete overhaul. Enhanced by a plug-in hybrid powertrain, the Urus SE embodies a seamless blend of high-performance engineering and aesthetic sophistication, positioning itself to rival other luxury SUVs such as the Audi Q8 and Porsche Cayenne.

The ‘SE’ designation denotes not only its electrified powertrain but also its formidable performance capabilities. Equipped with a 4.0 V8 engine complemented by an electric motor, the Urus SE boasts an impressive 800 hp and 950 Nm of torque, enabling acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in a mere 3.4 seconds and a top speed of 312 km/h.

Lamborghini Urus SE
Lamborghini Urus SE (Credits: Lamborghini)

At the core of the Urus SE’s electrified performance lies its substantial 25.9 kWh battery pack, ingeniously incorporated beneath the luggage compartment floor. This significant battery capacity empowers the Urus SE with an impressive pure electric range of over 60 kilometers, underscoring Lamborghini’s dedication to sustainable performance innovation.

Visually, the Urus SE undergoes notable enhancements, particularly in its front and rear design elements. From a deeper hood to redesigned LED headlights and a repositioned license plate, the SE exudes a distinct presence on the road, augmented by aerodynamic improvements that enhance stability and downforce at higher speeds.

Inside, subtle yet refined updates greet occupants, including a larger infotainment screen, revised menu layouts, and redesigned ventilation grilles. Complemented by a 12.3-inch digital display behind the steering wheel, the cabin of the Urus SE seamlessly integrates technology with luxury.

Furthermore, Lamborghini introduces fresh alloy wheel designs and paint colors to further differentiate the Urus SE from its non-plug-in counterparts, ensuring that every aspect of this electrified SUV reflects the marque’s uncompromising commitment to innovation and performance.


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