Evolution of Plymouth’s Muscle Cars: From Belvedere to Road Runner

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Evolution of Plymouth's Muscle Cars
Evolution of Plymouth's Muscle Cars

The Plymouth Belvedere transformed in 1962, transitioning from a full-size car to an intermediate model. By 1964, Plymouth introduced a redesigned Belvedere, which served as the foundation for iconic muscle cars like the Road Runner and GTX.

The Satellite emerged as the top-trim version of the Belvedere, initially available as a two-door hardtop and convertible with V8 engines. In 1968, the Satellite expanded its lineup to include a four-door sedan and station wagon, catering to a wider audience.

While Plymouth introduced the Road Runner in 1968, the GTX preceded it by a year. Positioned as a high-performance luxury car, the GTX combined powerful V8 engines with a refined interior, earning its reputation as “the gentleman’s muscle car.”

Evolution of Plymouth's Muscle Cars
Evolution of Plymouth’s Muscle Cars (Credit: Dr. Mopar/YouTube)

Despite its acclaim, the GTX struggled in sales compared to the Road Runner. Over five years, the GTX sold just over 55,000 units, with the HEMI version being the most sought-after due to its rarity and performance.

Among the rarest iterations is the HEMI GTX Convertible, with only 73 units produced across three model years. Featuring distinctive colors like Bahama Yellow, these rare specimens are highly sought after by collectors for their uniqueness and performance heritage.

Each GTX, whether equipped with a HEMI or a standard engine, represents a piece of automotive history, embodying Plymouth’s pursuit of high-performance excellence during the golden age of muscle cars.

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