Ferrari’s Azzurro Blue Makes a Comeback at Miami Grand Prix

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Ferrari's Azzurro Blue Makes a Comeback at Miami Grand Prix
Charles Leclerc (Credits: Ferrari)

Ferrari is bringing back its iconic blue color for the upcoming Miami Grand Prix. The team, along with PUMA, will release a special collection, expected to be worn by star drivers Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz, as well as other team members during the race weekend.

This move inspired us to explore Ferrari’s history with the color blue.

Raymond Sommer was the first to race a blue Ferrari in Formula 1 during the 1950 Monaco Grand Prix. The car, a 125, was loaned to him by Scuderia Ferrari and painted in light blue, Sommer’s national racing colors. He finished fourth in the race.

Juan Manuel Fangio also drove a blue Ferrari, a 166, in winter races in Argentina in 1949. The car was later repainted in the Argentine national racing colors and raced until 1952.

In 1952, French driver Louis Rosier raced a blue Ferrari in his own outfit, Team Ecurie Rosier. He continued racing until 1954.

Ferrari's Azzurro Blue Makes a Comeback at Miami Grand Prix
Carlos Sainz (Credits: Ferrari)

During the 1959 US Grand Prix at Sebring, Phil Hill’s Ferrari Dino 246 sported blue, with a white nose, representing his national racing colors. Unfortunately, Hill had to retire due to clutch problems.

In 1964, Enzo Ferrari withdrew his team from the final two races of the season and raced under the ‘North American Racing Team’ banner with cars in a half white and half blue livery. John Surtees secured the world title in these colors.

Even though the cars rarely featured blue during the 1950s and 1960s, Ferrari’s drivers and mechanics wore blue overalls during that time.

To honor this rich heritage, PUMA and Ferrari are creating a limited-edition collection for the Miami Grand Prix. This collection, inspired by Ferrari’s history in blue, includes statement pieces like a varsity jacket, team shirt, and racing boots. Drivers Leclerc and Sainz, along with the entire team, will wear these pieces during the Miami weekend.

Fans can also get their hands on this exclusive collection, available at select PUMA stores, Scuderia Ferrari outlets, and online.


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